A Special Goodbye



Throughout history, all cultures observe rituals to respect the death of their people. A traditional funeral, be it burial or cremation,    memorial service, celebration of life, gathering - whatever we call it - is a final chance to say goodbye, share stories and memories, and grieve and comfort each other.


People mourn in different ways. Sometimes it's according to religious or spiritual beliefs, or culture. Your loved one may have left specific instructions and out of love, you are honouring their wishes. Your sadness may be so overwhelming that you find it difficult to plan your "Special Goodbye", but together we can make it a beautiful memory to cherish. Let me help you make these important decisions:



Location:        Rather than the traditional chapel, crematorium, or graveside, you might prefer somewhere a little different .... the beach, a football field, or your garden.


Music:             You could play something lively, joyful, religious, or simply the deceased's favourite songs.


Readings:        They don't have to be Psalms or Scripture. Appropriate letters written by the deceased could be read, or poems or even meaningful excerpts from a book they loved.


Eulogy:             Don't be afraid to add some humour to make people laugh. This is a reflection of happy times as well as (possibly) sad events ..... it's about life.


Reminders:      You can commemorate your loved one by handing out personal keepsakes - a stem of their favourite flower, a bulb to take home and plant, or a golfball with their initials on it. You could place a fishing rod or some beautiful craftwork on the casket, that depicts what was important to them.


Personal Touches:      It's an especially loving tribute to be faithful to the memory of your loved one's favourite things. You could choose to have balloons instead of flowers or to release white doves, or have everyone dress in their favourite colour.




In consultation with your Funeral Director and Clergy or Celebrant, the possibilities are endless

and personal



It's all about what would have been pleasing to the one you care so deeply about

It's about honour and respect

It's about softening the depth of grief in your expression of love